Our approach to achieving best value for our clients is to be proactive and use the most innovative information technology available (created by our own software engineers) to find and assess land opportunities, with the potential for development. Then our experienced team gives advice on the best way to achieve our client’s aspirations.

Charlotte and Malcolm specialise in strategic land, they both have an entrepreneurial and proactive approach to working with clients to create value right from the first identification of a development opportunity, through the planning stages, to the disposal of the asset. For those clients who wish to go further Malcolm will manage the process to enable the implementation of infrastructure on site ready for development and the sale of serviced parcels.

We help our clients in

• Identification of residential development opportunities
• Finding the right partner to help create value from land assets
• Advice and guidance on land contracts and agreements
• Advice and guidance on landowners consortia
• Identification and promotion of strategic opportunities
• Development advice
• Planning and promotion strategies
• Marketing strategies and land sales
• Infrastructure planning, delivery and on-site implementation
• Valuation




In the 25 years since the formation of our company, the property market, like the economy has undergone tremendous upheaval and change. We are in the middle of a major reorganisation of the planning system and significant government intervention in the housing market, driven by the need in England, particularly, to build homes to match demand. We have seen the re-emergence of ‘Garden Village and Town’ proposals to help Local Authorities cope with the numbers of homes needed in their economic areas. We continue to update our expertise and we employ bright graduates to help us understand and embrace these challenges, the better to be able to advise and add value to our clients’ land-holdings. We expect to be at the forefront of the way new towns and cities are planned and developed over the next 25 years.


Our directors have each worked in residential development land for at least 30 years and are regulated by the RICS, they are:

Charlotte Pink


Charlotte qualified in 1986 and is a member of the Planning and Development Division of the RICS, worked for a national firm of Chartered Surveyors post qualification, founded John Alison Land & Research Ltd in 1990.

Malcolm Pink


Malcolm qualified in 1983, worked for national firms of Chartered Surveyors post qualification, held senior directorships in national housebuilders for over 25 years, joined John Alison Land & Research Ltd in 2016.



Our graduate surveyors have land-based degrees and are all working towards their RICS final qualification. Our business graduates are educated to Masters level.


Landowners, promoters, housebuilders and investment companies and a wide experience in advising landowners and promoting and developing strategic land.


Innovative particularly in the application of information technology to our company and to the development industry. Our research department has introduced industry-leading mapping and database software, created and developed by our own in-house software engineers.


Sustainable particularly in relation to waste and energy/emissions. We have a responsible sustainability policy which includes; recycling over 90 percent of our waste, reducing the use of energy in all our business operations. A motor vehicle policy which from January 2019 means that all company owned vehicles will be plug-in hybrid or fully electric and a commitment to move towards all company vehicles being fully electric from 2021.


We support and develop both young and older people finding a place in the industry. We operate graduate, apprenticeship and internship (paid) programs and also a ‘return-to-work’ scheme for more mature candidates. We have employed graduates in each of the last two years.


A partner with companies that have similar principles. We support nearly 100 firms of UK consultants and over 75 firms of UK suppliers.