ELSA  is a visual representation, using a base map of the UK which can be viewed in ‘satellite’ or ‘map’ form. Depending on the search criteria chosen, our clients can interrogate an area based on Local Authority boundaries, to reveal existing planning consents, including those under construction, planning applications, withdrawn, refused, allocated sites, SHLAA/SHELAA/HELAA sites and a range of suggested alternative strategic opportunities. To complete the picture, major planning and physical constraints are also mapped including Greenbelt and AONB boundaries, Special Protection areas, Floodplains, Minerals reservation areas etc.

The information is frequently updated both in respect of planning applications and sites within a Local Plan review/consultation process and the frequency of review is

another bespoke option available to clients. Clients of John Alison can select a range of search criteria to gain an intimate knowledge of the planning base of any of the Local Authorities in which we operate.

In conjunction with the map, each uniquely referenced site has additional information providing an overview on the site. This will include the size, site development prospects, planning reference and key contacts. As we identify a site in conjunction with the client, we undertake further research to establish the landowners, normally through land registry. By this stage the team have a grasp of all the factors that would enable us to give our clients meaningful development advice. In the case of developer clients, our acquisition team would already be on the way to securing the land for you.




  • Cloud based – made for mobile computing and with a suitable data connection is available across a number of mobile devices, allowing access wherever you are

  • One point of Access – unique login through a secure portal on our website, saving time and increasing efficiency.  

  • Ease of Use - simple online platform to use that has everything required at a click of a button.

  • Multiple map services – you can assess a site through street map, or through terrain with all of the interactive information remaining available in either format.

  • Scalable – the service is available to more than one login across your bespoke set of data.